[LinuxBIOS] I give up -- time for a new plan.

Daniel Parthey pada at chemonline.de
Wed May 10 21:30:07 CEST 2006

Christian Sühs schrieb:
> Richard Smith schrieb:
>> On 5/9/06, Eric Poulsen <eric at zyxod.com> wrote:
>>>I've been researching the IDE/DMA/Linux issue that appears to plague
>>>the VT8235 southbridge.  Seems there is _no_ reliable fix for this
>>>issue, [...] Reliability is a huge thing for me (hence the use of
>>>Linux).  The Epia board is bound for Ebay.
> Somewhere I have read, that disabling the acpi function in the kernel 
> solve many problems for the epia.
> I use an Epia-M for myself and it works stable, without acpi.

Somebody on this list recommended me to disable ACPI in the Linux kernel.
This had solved my kernel panic on EPIA ML.
Eric, please try to disable ACPI, even if it is merely a workaround.

Any ideas why kernel ACPI works with factory BIOS but panics
with LinuxBIOS on VIA EPIA ML?

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