[LinuxBIOS] I give up -- time for a new plan.

Eric Poulsen eric at zyxod.com
Wed May 10 17:35:29 CEST 2006

Stefan Reinauer wrote:
> * Eric Poulsen <eric at zyxod.com> [060510 06:13]:
>> Note that the "fix" is a new BIOS, which is useless to potential LB 
>> users.  Also, the ML (my board) is not on there, but it has the EXACT 
>> same symptoms.
> Does the bios update fix the problem completely? Maybe they do some
> smart pci configuration thing or they load a microcode update?
Some people say that it works for them, other people say it's useless.

Upon further reading, there might be two distinct problems: DMA bugs in 
8235/8237 and/or Linux CPU scaling (longhaul).
> If its pci configuration we might compare the pci config space with the 
> old and the new factory bios to find out the fix.
Only if the bios actually works, and there isn't any reason to believe 
it does.  Additionally, there isn't a "fix" bios for my board.  Best I 
can do is try the M bios and hope that it works for the ML boards.
> Stefan

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