[LinuxBIOS] LB vs Factory BIOS -- more weirdness

Russell Whitaker russ at ashlandhome.net
Sun May 7 01:53:50 CEST 2006

On Sat, 6 May 2006, Eric Poulsen wrote:

> In response to the instability issues I've had with LB (It's not ram --
> memtest86+ ran for hours under LB with no errors), someone here
> suggested that there are chipset registers that are reset by the factory
> BIOS that LB isn't (re)setting correctly, and that LB works well right
> after using the factory BIOS because those registers hold their values
> for a while.
> I'm conviced this is the case -- I have too many weird issues that can
> be fixed by simply flipping back to the factory BIOS, turning the system
> on, getting a "bad CMOS" error, then immediately powering off and
> switching to LB, which suddenly works again.

Check the CMOS battery voltage. If it's low the CMOS will loose a bit or
two over time. Ran into that problem years ago on a 286 mb.


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