[LinuxBIOS] MB1030 / 3036 VGA resume

Ronald G Minnich rminnich at lanl.gov
Fri May 5 15:31:17 CEST 2006

Stefan Reinauer wrote:
> * Ronald G Minnich <rminnich at lanl.gov> [060505 15:16]:
>>>LB uses default for index 41 (10h)
>>>Factory enables/adds F2 IDE Configuration trap (this is a SMI thing)
>>oh boy. I HOPE we don't need the SMI support just to run the IDE 
>>hardware! we didn't need this before on GX1.
> I bet they use that to implement memory mapped ide flash or
> something like that..
> One second... Could we do bios based transparent hard disk encryption
> this way? That would be kind of cool ;-))
> Stefan

I am told that this type of thing might go into EFI. You don't get 
direct access to your disk. Looking at the EFI docs, it seems you could 
do it ... you no longer get access to raw hardware. OW!


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