[LinuxBIOS] Another newbi question

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Mon May 1 16:22:58 CEST 2006

I see that flash_rom has the capability to read/write AMD AM-29F040B which 
is a 512Kbyte device and I've been able to read and write it from my 
motherboard (EPIA MII6000E). I was wondering if :
I can use the increased flash size to do anithing usefull ?
Could it be possible to use the extra space to have multiple payloads and 
have a choice as to which one to use ? (giving you the possibility to boot 
from disk, cdrom,floppy and onboard CF adapter maybe)

A few years ago I got etherboot working from the eprom on a NIC, allowiing 
me to remove the nic and get the machine to do normal boot with the 
original bios, would it be possible to do the same thing with linuxBIOS ?
this would let me do some attempts without having to buy any bios savior 
and whitout having to replace the flash in a really unconfortable 

David Rao

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