[LinuxBIOS] resourcemap for IWill dk8htx

Stefan Reinauer stepan at openbios.org
Wed Mar 22 18:04:31 CET 2006

* Philipp Degler <pdegler at rumms.uni-mannheim.de> [060322 17:58]:
> Hi 
> I started porting LinuxBIOS to IWill dk8-htx board. I used the dk8s2 to start 
> from.  After some smaller changes to the Config.lb I could compile it and 
> flash it with flashrom. Unfortunately it seems that the default_resource_map 
> is not working.

> Is there any documentation or specification that can help me setting up this 
> resourcemap?

Check the bios and kernel developers guide for K8.

i would guess your SB (8111?) is not hanging off Node0 Link LDT0
Check for example the newisys/khepri resourcemap.c to see how it could
look different.

Also, dumping the resource map with the factory bios running will
probably help.


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