[LinuxBIOS] GX eval board

Rodney.Kittleson at bench.com Rodney.Kittleson at bench.com
Tue Mar 21 16:14:40 CET 2006

2 years ago I lucked out and picked up a copy of MSVC 1.52 on ebay for a
couple of bucks.  It might be worth checking ebay.


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> > MASM 6.11 + Ms Visual C++ 1.52 (MSVC 1.52) + SLIBC7.LIB works fine.
> > tried it.

> I think my tools may be too _new_.  Even the cl that comes with VC 6
is pukeing

Ok.  So I read the docs... Yep.  You need MSVC 1.52.  I don't have
that.  Bummer.

Richard A. Smith
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