[LinuxBIOS] OLPC Keyboard/System Controller ENE KB3920

Bari Ari bari at onelabs.com
Wed Mar 15 06:09:48 CET 2006

Jim Gettys wrote:

> Actually, I suspect we may end up with a separate keyboard controller to
> save on wires.  The spec current calls for the keyboard to be
> electrically PS/2.  That implies a separate keyboard scanner, or many
> wires have to go through the hinge.

If the code to whatever system controller ends up being used for the 
OLPC is free and open it will help that device get into and enable more 
fully open laptops, tablets and handhelds to be produced.

There is usually is not much to the code, a few of KB's of routines to 
handle the indicator LED's, power & lid switches, temperature 
management, and battery charging.


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