[LinuxBIOS] Lippert Cool Roadrunner 2 (GX1)

Per Dalgas Jakobsen pdj at knaldgas.dk
Tue Mar 14 22:21:39 CET 2006

 >>Resounding silence...
 > Sorry, your post probally just got lost in all the stuff surrounding
 > the GX2 and OLPC.

Thanks for the feedback - I felt all alone ;-)

 > Until you get a post card my advice would be to edit the start up
 > assembly and add a series of 5 outs to port 80 in a row and then hang
 > in a spin loop.   Then you can look at the  ISA IO lines with a scope
 > and see if you are getting the 5 outs.

I have a scope at hand, but I just found a place where I can borrow a 
PC104-development kit with a POST card :-D
So I think I will fetch that kit and get going (I don't wan't to do too 
much hot-flash-switching if I can avoid it).

To be continued ;-)


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