[LinuxBIOS] RES: RES: Rumba target and AMD RDK THINCLIENT

jardel jardel at lesc.ufc.br
Mon Mar 13 19:29:40 CET 2006

Dear Li-ta Lo,

   I've acquired my jtag debugger direct from fs2: www.fs2.com

Just for your rereference, the prices for two jtag debuggers were:

1       SNAV-GX-ETH                          USD 2.621,00
2       SUP-1YR-R                                USD 371,00
3       GX-EXDI                                    USD 371,00

The itens 2 and 3 are software of debugger and license for gdb,

The software of the debugger runs in tcl/tk in rwindows (argh!). I never
tried run it in linux.


Li-Ta Lo wrote:

>On Sat, 2006-03-11 at 07:42 -0300, jardel at lesc.ufc.br wrote:
>>Ok ollie,
>>  Very tahnk you for your excelent support.
>>  There is on thing i didn´t understand yet.
>>  The hardware i´ve done the test is GEODE GX + CS5535 + PC87364, while
>>RUMBA is GEODE GX + CS5536 + W83627.
>>  So, i don´t understand why is running 100%. Please, explain.
>>  What hardware are you using ?
>>  OLPC computer will be based on RUMBA ?
>>  I´m available for helping with development or debugging. I have an FS2
>>JTAG debugger too. But i don´t have RUMBA hardware.
>Where did you get the JTAG debugger for GX? We would like to order one.
>Does it come with software (Windows?)?

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