[LinuxBIOS] IDE to CF adapters for 3.5" sockets - powered from motherboard?

Miernik miernik at ffii.org
Tue Mar 7 21:32:39 CET 2006

Can IDE to CF adpaters (female type - which connect directly to
motherboard, without any cable), the 3.5" disk connector type, can they
be powered directly from the motherboard? Most of them have a
floppy-type power connector on them, but some of them have a jumper
which allows them to be powered from the motherboard IDE socket, without
connecting the floppy power. But in some description I have read that
that only works on VIA EPIA motherboards.

How does the situation really look like? I want to use a CF-IDE female
adapter in a standard PGA370 motherboard (non-VIA-EPIA), and I don't
want to have to connect any extra power, like the floppy power to it.

Is that possible? I know it's possible for 2.5" disk connectors. because
they have 4 extra power pins, but I mean the standard 40-pin IDE

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