[LinuxBIOS] looking for a Slot1 or PGA370 motherboard recommendation

Miernik miernik at ffii.org
Fri Mar 3 07:20:08 CET 2006

I am looking for a motherboard recommendation with the following features:

* at least one Slot-1 or PGA370 CPU socket, that I can put a VIA C5P
  Nehemiah CPU in it (PGA370 version), however I would prefer Slot-1
  mainboard for easier mounting of the heatsink away from the motherboard,
  without risk of damaging the motherboard while mounting the heatsink (I
  damaged one motherboard while doing this on a PGA socket)

* at least 5 PCI slots, at least PCI 2.0, faster versions welcome

* at least 1 ISA slot

* support 200 MHz FSB

* support DDR400 RAM in 1 GB DIMM modules - if that requires some
  LinuxBIOS hacking that's OK, I just want to avoid a a motherboard with
  something that definetly rules out 1 GB sticks because of some
  not-to-circumvent hardware limitations; I would appreciate 4 DIMM
  slots to fit 4 GB of RAM, however 3 GB will also be OK, and 2 slots
  will do if there is a chance of fillting future 2 GB DIMM sticks in them

* a chipset which is at least been supported in any version of LinuxBIOS,
  may be v1, which gives a chance to be supported in v2 after some
  hacking, I just want to avoid chipsets which never ever been
  supported, and has no available docs, giving no chance for support;
  the motherboard as a whole doesn't have to be supported, I am willing
  to do some minor hacking to fix some glitches, just not write support
  for a completely new chipset. So Intel BX and LX are OK I think. Any
  other PGA370 chipsets ever been supported by LinuxBIOS? Any VIA stuff
  used in non-EPIA, but ATX motherboards with sockets?

* USB 2.0 sockets welcome

Any chance to meet all or almost all of these requirements?
i just need 1 piece, so it may be of course an out-of-production
motherboard, even a rare one, that there is a chance of getting after
several weeks of hunting on eBay.

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