[LinuxBIOS] does any one have access to the VT8237 docs

Samet, Matt MSamet at ea.com
Wed Mar 1 00:18:42 CET 2006

I looked online for a while and could not find the VT8237 datasheet.  I
tried asking VIA for the doc (they have a form you can fill out for the
NDA) but they didn't respond either.

I looked through the list archives and saw that Bari Ari was working on
adding support for the vt8237 -- Bari, any chance of an update?



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Still trying to get my EBC3266 board to post with linux bios.  That 
board is based on the VT8623 and VT8237 chips.  I currently am unable to

get any console.  I would guess that is because I am unable to start the

south bridge, where the vt1211 is attached. I was hoping that is was 
close enughf to the VT8235, but I guess I am wrong.  OK, time to start 
trying to add support for the VT8237 south bridge.  Does any one have 
access to the Docs for the VT8237?
-Adam Talbot

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