[LinuxBIOS] cant detect bios with flash software {Scanned}

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Fri Jun 30 19:42:50 CEST 2006

Hi there,
Got someone else to read the bios chip number (my eyes are getting bad LOL)
Chip has the following on the top :-

F498002UA     90N
AZB1MFR29     0303

Not quite sure of the '0303' on the last line it may be 8303, its not very clear :(
Is there a way to get the bios number from inside linux? eg. is it held someware that could be grabbed via the /proc filesystem?
Is there any way i can help to get the support for this bios chip? (im not very good at programming nowadays, used to program Z80/6502 chips not C code etc.) but given a good set of instructions i should be able to follow them :)
Also, does this mean that there isnt anyway to get linuxbios working on my board? or is it just a case of writing a good image to the RD1 to get it working? the last time i used anything like this was when you had a small memory chip with built in battery that had an RTC in the upper 8 address bytes, and the rest was standard SRAM :)

Im not sure what u mean by verifing that the image starts 25 a6??? are you talking about an image file taken from the BIOS using VIAs flash utility?

Many thanks for all the info/help so far


Stefan Reinauer wrote ..
> * Ronald G Minnich <rminnich at lanl.gov> [060630 18:56]:
> > David Hendricks wrote:
> > > Can you switch to using the RD1's BIOS, even if it's not flashed yet?
> It 
> > > should be a PMC chip of some sort that flashrom currently supports.
> It 
> > > could be that we simply need to add support for whatever flash chip
> your 
> > > mainboard came with, in which case we'll need you to open up your 
> > > machine and get the part number.
> > 
> > I'm suspicious that flash write is not enabled in the chipset, but yeah,
> > switch the bios savior to the rd1 position and see if it id's that flash
> > part.
> But with the bios savior the flash chip was detected, so in theory it
> might be an unsupported chip type tristar. Cant fint docs on this..
> Also the flash device type :F492002UA looks very weird. Can you double
> check it does not say something different or something else on the chip?
> can you recognize a vendor (logo/string)?
> can you verify whether the image starts with 25 a6?
> Stefan
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