[LinuxBIOS] Initiate LDTSTOP (without RESET)

Jia Jianwei JJia at Fortinet.com
Wed Jun 21 02:07:26 CEST 2006

Could you please give me some reference code on how to make fid change effective on HT1000 southbridge?  Thanks!

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  LDTSTOP may need to SB to help.


  When trying to change cpu fid, CPU need LDTSTOP to make the FID change effective.  enable_fid_change_on_sb will enable ldtstop on sb.


  Current Amd8111 support code already have enable_fid_change_on_sb in the public tree.


  Serverworks ht1000 need to call ldtstop explicitly to make fid change effective. I will check in the code after the new cpu is released.


  The problem the ck804 has problem with ldtstop. We have to use some other way to make it effective.






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