[LinuxBIOS] help selecting bios savour for EPIA-M

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Sun Jun 18 23:47:20 CEST 2006

Can anyone help me with this?
I hunted google and the lists but cant find a definate answer for this :(

Can someone tell me which RD1-BIOS Savior from ioss.com.tw, I would need to work with the VIA-EPIA-M motherboards?  I dont curently have one of these and it is going to be a week or 2 before i get it :(
Also one other question :) If the M board takes a 1Mb Flash, can I use a 2Mb Flash chip? (or takes a 2Mb and use a 4Mb) will the board accept it? would i be able to access the extra space for, say installing a kernel or other software?

Please note, the last time i used eprom/flash chips was when that was all you had to put OS and software on, and the whole lot had to be run from 32k of EEPROM, with 64k of RAM!!!!! LOL (Those were the days :) )

Thanks for any help, I know i could wait to get the board itself, and then order the RD1, but thats going to take quite a while :)

Also if anyone can recomend a supplier for the RD1 in the UK, that would be great

Thanks again for any help


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