[LinuxBIOS] EPIA-V8000

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Tue Jun 13 03:55:12 CEST 2006

* Scott <scott at lubetech.com.au> [060613 03:05]:
> Hi All,
> 	Is anyone aware of a rom image of V2 that is available for the Via
> EPIA-V8000 or an updated Tutorial on setting up V2 on this board?

You should use the via/epia mainboard for this one. It features a PLE133
northbridge (which is the VT8601), and a VT8231 southbridge.

You might find http://www.linuxbios.org/data/lbdoc/ or
http://www.linuxbios.org/index.php/The_EPIA-M/MII useful, though both
are for the Epia-M, not the Epia-V. 

We are very interested in getting a Howto

So if you go down the road of trying LinuxBIOS on this board, please
document what you do, while you do it (as people tend to forget what
they did afterwards, which is why there are not many howtos)

We're working on a method of providing precompiled, verified-working 
LinuxBIOS images on the LinuxBIOS website, but it's still in

Important: Get yourself a serial null modem cable and a backup flash
chip before starting, so you don't have to erase your factory bios
before you make sure everything is working correctly.


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