[LinuxBIOS] EPIA-MII 12000, almost there. ( newbie )

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Tue Jun 6 13:45:48 CEST 2006

* Per Mellander <per at mellander.org> [060606 08:57]:
> You don't have any clue why my kernel loads but then LB restarts as
> mentioned in my previous posting?
sorry, not yet. :(

> I've tested with plain kernel ( several different ones ), kernel and
> initrd, kernel+initrd with mkelfImage and a lot of different settings
> for kernel params. etc.  Nothing helps, it keeps on restarting after
> kernel is loaded. Is there any more debug that I can switch on to se
> whats causing the error?

Have you been using filo all the time? Can you switch on the DEBUG_
config variables? Can you try other payloads? (etherboot) 

What compiler have you been using? What Linux distribution?

> I'm not sure how to make a LB without VGA-bios for my EPIA. Can anyone
> explain which settings that need to be changed in Config.lb and/or
> Makefile(s) so I can test my board with serial only output?

If you built the Epia from an unchanged source tree, it should be
without VGA bios..

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