[LinuxBIOS] amd LX code committed

Indrek Kruusa indrek.kruusa at artecdesign.ee
Mon Jul 31 10:40:10 CEST 2006

Ronald G Minnich wrote:
> The first example mainboard is named artecdesign/dbe61
:) It is artecgroup/dbe61. Anyway, thank you Ronald! I didn't hope that 
my nasty patch will make the way into official tree. This is excellent!

The compilation is currently broken though and the whole thing is far 
from the final LX support. E.g. what we should do with CS5536 code which 
currently includes GX2 definitions? Should we implement CPU_MODEL in 
src/config/Options.lb and #if GX2/LX includes based on this? Is there 
similar plans or solutions for v3?

I have to clarify that my changes were based on the awesome work from 
Heiki Kask. We continue working on the Geode LX support in LinuxBIOS 
together with Andrei Birjukov.


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