Indrek Kruusa indrek.kruusa at artecdesign.ee
Tue Jul 25 18:09:44 CEST 2006

Ronald G Minnich wrote:
> Indrek Kruusa wrote:
>> Do you have any pointer to updated documentation for VSA2? For example 
>> from VSA2 source I can see where to load source, destination and length 
>> (esi,edi,ecx) but is there documentation about that?
>> About VSA2 image: I suppose you have something like this:
>> 4 bytes len(VSA) | vsainit.bin | sysmgr.vsm
>> - Is this correct?
> it's basically right. It comes set up that way. Then is compressed with 
> nrv2b.

I have got VSA2 loaded with linuxbios and Geode LX. I will send patches 
here if we will have further advancements.


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