[LinuxBIOS] Mainboard-Configuration

Morly little.martin at inode.at
Thu Jul 13 11:02:57 CEST 2006


First, I really like the idea and the work around linuxbios.

For my PhD research in new medical solutions I need a very special
The PC must be absolutely silent and, however, be powerful.
The next point is, that the PC should use as less boot time
as possible. This is why I think about a linuxbios - compatible
board. Due the mainboard will be put in a small case, I can
just use mini- or micro atx boards. The only boards in this
size I could determine are VIA-EPIA boards. Unfortunately,
they are too slow for my applications.

For passive cooling and long battery usage  I thought about a
Turion or Sempron CPU.

So in one sentence, I am looking for an mini or micro atx
board, compatible with AMD Turion (Sempron), which
supports linuxbios.

Is there anyone who can help me?

Many thanks,

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