[LinuxBIOS] Problem Using SimNow Simulator

Dan Mezynski danmez at gmail.com
Fri Jul 7 00:21:09 CEST 2006

It's nice to hear you have used SimNow to run LinuxBios on cheetah.

I guess my message title was a bit miss leading, I'm not having problems
with SimNow itself.  In Fact I can run the AMI bios, single step thru it and
even boot Fedora Core 5 linux on the simulated Serenade board in SimNow.
The trouble is when I try to run the LinuxBios that I compiled, since this
serenade board already exists in the LinuxBios configs, I would have thought
I could select it(thru buildtarget) and it would work, but I must have
missed something in the basic build procedure.

I'll try to ask a couple clear questions:
*  Are the first few instructions executed after a reset(hard or soft) in
the source file s_start.S?
*  Do I need to explicitly do something to configure for VGA
initializations, or is that done since I'm using this existing serenade

On 7/6/06, Lu, Yinghai <yinghai.lu at amd.com> wrote:
>  I have tried LinuxBIOS with Serengeti_cheetah ( rev F Opteron) on SimNow,
> and it works well.
> I will try that with Serengeti_leopard later…
> YH
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> I'm trying to get started with LinuxBios by using the AMD SimNow hardware
> simulator to run LinuxBios on a Serenade board. Once we have success with
> simulations, we will try it on real hardware.  The Serenade board is one
> of the standard predefined boards that comes with the simulator. Once I
> compile
> serenade.rom and reference this file as the rom device connected to the
> 8111(replacing the AMI BIOS file), I reboot but don't get too far into the
> new
> Linuxbios, I expected to see recognizable postcodes, such as 0x13 from
> c_start.S then 0x80, 0x39, 0x40 etc from hardwaremain(), but port 80 only
> toggles
> between 00 and 0x10. I try to single step from 0xfffffff0 (or 0xfffbfff0)
> but
> dont see code that looks like c_start.S. Does something come before this?
> I must have built serenade.rom improperly: I did the following,
> buildtarget amd/serenade
> doneloaded filo.elf
> edited serenade/Config.lb to refer to the filo.elf as a payload
> make
> Any ideas would be appreciated.
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