[LinuxBIOS] lb on pd10000 {Scanned}

Ronald G Minnich rminnich at lanl.gov
Mon Jul 3 20:45:32 CEST 2006

bios at lists.actweb.info wrote:
> Ok, now you have proved that im no good at this kinda stuff, can you point me in the direction of some information as to how to dump the northbridge registers, and what the registers mean?

you're quite good at this kind of stuff. I suck at explaining things.

is you do this under linux:
lspci -xxx -s 0:0.0

you'll get a full north dump. Try to figure out how your code is setting 
registers vs. how they are set. Use the manual to decode the bits.

> Also is this north or a south problem, the the system apears to hang only after it enters the code from the south files?

I am almost certain it is a north problem. The via northbridges have 
proven to be tought to program, esp. since in some cases we put in 
nominally correct values and the chip locks up.

> Or could it be that the settings passed to the north before the crash are the cause?

could be.



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