[LinuxBIOS] cant detect bios with flash software {Scanned}

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Sat Jul 1 13:00:22 CEST 2006

* bios at lists.actweb.info <bios at lists.actweb.info> [060701 01:41]:
> sucseval read of original bios (didnt write to it!!) and then write to
> RD1

ok, that's the easy part. 

> The original bios will be packed away for save keeping, and ill work
> on the RD1 bios, and the replacement bios :)

so you have 3 bios chips in a whole?

> I take it that if it read ok, then thats the file working, or is the
> writing process diferant? if it is, ill insert the original and try
> writing for you, jsut to confirm it works, if not, then id say thats a
> sucesful addition to the source :)

Yes, the write process is the actually complicated part. Reading is
mostly trivial. If you want, go ahead and try writing it - It _should_
work, according to the data sheet about the chip. Since you have a
working copy in the bios savior, its not dangerous. 


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