[LinuxBIOS] tyan s2895 build question - again

Young, Jeff S. Jeff.Young at gd-ais.com
Fri Jan 27 16:20:06 CET 2006

Howdy again,
            Things are getting better now, so I wanted to keep everyone
up to date with what I had
To do in order to get as far as I have.
            System:            Tyan s2895 with 2 Dual Core AMDs and 8GB
            BIOS:               Using RD1 Bios savior (4mbit)
            OS:                  Linux - SuSE 10.0 stock (ie, gcc 4)
            Build issues:     when building, there was an overlapping
section.  I created the following
                                    Section and it fixes it:
                                    .rodata. : {
                                    This was placed after .rom section
                                    Payload not found.  It wasn't clear
from the writeup that I had to get the
                                    Payload from the web site.  Stefan
was an immense help in this arena.
                                    Maybe the payload directory should
be bundled with the snapshots because
                                    You need it anyway.
            Run issues:       I build the s2895 bios (fallback and
normal) and flash the RD1.  I don't know
                                    If the fact that the RD1 is 4mbit
and the original chip was 8mbit will cause any
                                    Problems.  The BIOS starts up just
fine until the time comes to enable the cache 
                                    The second time around.  (This is
after the device enumeration and is in the
                                    Initialization stuff.)  It hangs
right after the code gets cr0 to update it.
            I get the impression that I am the only one seeing these
issues.  It seems that everyone else
Can just build and run.  Is this really true?   If you just grab
snapshot 2163, untar it, and buildtarget tyan/s2895
Cd tyan/s2895/s2895, and make, it does it just fine???
            Any ideas on the cache enable?
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