[LinuxBIOS] tyan s2895 build question

Stefan Reinauer stepan at openbios.org
Wed Jan 25 12:40:13 CET 2006

* Young, Jeff S. <Jeff.Young at gd-ais.com> [060125 12:21]:
> objcopy --gap-fill 0xff -O binary linuxbios linuxbios.strip
> ./buildrom linuxbios.strip linuxbios.rom ../../../../payloads/
> forcedeth--filo_hda2_vga.zelf 0x20000 0x40000
> ../../../../payloads/forcedeth--filo_hda2_vga.zelf: No such file or directory
It does not find your payload image. 

try using an absolute path in your target configuration file

You said you are using gcc 3.3 in suse 10. Did you install this compiler
yourself? I use the same distribution, but I have gcc 4 installed.

> PS:       Can anyone actually build the S2895 without any errors
> today?  If so, exactly how do you do it.  (Note that I have tried 
> several snapshots from 2007 -> 2163 without success.)

It builds fine here, see build log

Your gcc might make things larger than gcc 4 which is why you saw the
overlap error. increasing ROM_IMAGE_SIZE(?) should help without changing
the LD script.

Also I am pretty sure you get your image compiling when you fix your
payload path above..


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