[LinuxBIOS] Subtree? [Re: one last note for epia]

Richard Smith smithbone at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 06:58:01 CET 2006

The cc: to the list got dropped.  Here's the result of the discussion.

> If you consider creating new subtree for epia-m then let it be, though I don't think
> it should be done actually. Vanilla images (2161, 2163) seems to be working for my
> box quite well. Of course, others should also report it's O'k with them too - I remember

My bad.  I had you confused with Christian Sühs.  He is using the
epia-ML.  The ML is the board that needed the changes and needs a new
mainboard directory.  Sorry.  Carry on and post that success report.

Richard A. Smith

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