[LinuxBIOS] one last note

Adam Talbot talbotx at comcast.net
Mon Jan 23 05:33:49 CET 2006

To day I will sound like a n00b.  VSA?

Ronald G Minnich wrote:

> Adam Talbot wrote:
>> Currently trying to port the EBC3410, but if I could find a small GX2 
>> board for a good price I would switch. My project is all about boot 
>> time and that built in DDR memory controler REALY speeds things up.
>> My current board.
>> http://www.bcmcom.com/bcm_product_ebc3410.htm
> Adam, if you do this port, it will help gx2.
> What are you doing about the VSA stuff?
> The geode has some real IP baggage .... I'm trying to talk to AMD 
> about this, as it dates back to the NSC days. If we go with Geode, and 
> we want (e.g.) VGA, we're going to have a huge binary blob of 
> proprietary code in the middle of linuxbios. Hmm, not that much 
> different than VGA, eh? But, you get the big blob from these guys: 
> http://www.insydetech.com/productcenter/amd/geodesite/index.cfm
> i.e., a proprietary BIOS vendor seems to be the control point for the 
> AMD geode code, although the code seems to be freely available in some 
> form or another. This is kind of weird. I don't quite know why it is 
> done this way.
> ron

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