[LinuxBIOS] The full "How to"

Adam Talbot talbotx at comcast.net
Wed Jan 11 21:33:26 CET 2006

So I have my new embedded board.  It is running a chip set that is not 
supported, yet.  I have all the doc's, that I think I will need.  I 
would like to start trying to add support for the vt8605/vt8606 based 
Looking for some doc's on the linuxbios web page about were to start and 
what files tie in to the build, and where.  Can some one point me to 
such a doc, or can we build such a doc. 
What files do I need to mod/build?
What order should I work on them?
What kind of response should I be looking for from the console to tell 
me if that step is working?  Stating that I can get console running I 
the first place, yes my superIO is supported.
Is there any "How to" that covers this, or is it time to build one.

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