[LinuxBIOS] Checking if FlashROM pin A18 is connected?

Leon Woestenberg leonw at mailcan.com
Sat Feb 25 22:30:34 CET 2006


I have a 512 kByte FlashROM but use 256 kByte images so far. I 
concatenate two of them, so even if address pin A18 is dangling, the CPU 
reads the image correctly.

Now, if I understand correctly, the util/flashrom utility writes (-w) 
using the Flash programming algorithms, which do not touch A18. And if I 
understand correctly, it used
mmap() to verify the image, which should use A18.

Am I correct that by following this procedure, I can find out whether 
A18 is connected on my motherboard to the FlashROM socket? :

dd if=/dev/random of=/tmp/random.bin bs=1024 count=512

flashrom -w /tmp/random.bin
flashrom -v tmp/random.bin

VERIFIED => A18 is connected



*do not do this at home, it destroys your BIOS*

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