[LinuxBIOS] supported in v1, not in v2?

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Fri Feb 24 03:02:43 CET 2006

* lukesky740 at aol.com <lukesky740 at aol.com> [060218 22:45]:
> I noticed in the v1 tree that you support the LEX cv860a motherboard, 
> yet there have been no updates to that tree in a long time (2 years?).  
> I was dissapointed to see that it has not beed added to the v2 tree.  
> Does this mean that there are no plans to include it?

Probably not, though anyone is welcome to help porting those
motherboards to v2. 

v2 has some design advantages over v1 that make writing new ports
somewhat easier.

On the other hand - if a board is supported by v1, just use that one. 

The reason that code has not been touched in a very long time is that
those boards do work pretty well and there's no need to change the code.

> As I am new to this, I am uncertain of the ramifications in version 
> difference from v1 to v2. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
Basically in v1 all ram initialization code was written in assembly,
while in v2 it is written in C. There's also only one device tree
instead of a static and a dynamic device tree. Plus, there's ACPI
support (because there are machines out there that can't be booted
without ACPI anymore)

Feel free to try v1, and if you find problems, report them here. We'll
try to help as good as we can.


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