[LinuxBIOS] resizing a stock bios

Bari Ari bari at onelabs.com
Mon Feb 13 18:19:52 CET 2006

Adam Talbot wrote:
> How do I resize a stock bios? 
> The current rom is 512kb and so is the flash chip.  I have a smaller 
> flash chip that I would like to use to free up the big chip.  This means 
> i need to make a 512kb rom file fit on a 256kb rom :-).  Is this even 
> possible? 

I highly doubt you'll be able to cut it down to half its size.

Take a look at this pdf, Award BIOS Code Injection:

It has a pretty good breakdown of a popular stock BIOS and the tools to 
modify it without going the NDA route.

Goggle for info on Cbrom and AwardMod. Also look at AWBM2TIFF and 
TIFF2AWBM to convert the BIOS splash images.


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