[LinuxBIOS] what is the fastest speed of BIOS socket?

Bari Ari bari at onelabs.com
Wed Feb 8 01:58:53 CET 2006

Miernik wrote:

> What I am thinking to do is to put very fast SRAM there (it should work,
> shouldn't it?), 

No, it won't work. SRAM and DRAM operate very differently and have 
entirely different interfaces. PC chipset memory controllers do not 
support SRAM.

battery backed up of course, and run the LinuxBIOS and
> kernel XiP eXecute in Place (without copying to RAM). Would that work?

No. See answer above.

> Imagine I could put 8 MB of fast SRAM there.
> Now, would that make sense, is the interface as fast as the FSB if I
> have a 200 MHz FSB for example?
> If I put some SRAM with random access time below 5 ns in there would it
> communicate with the CPU faster than DRAM in hte DIMM sockets is? Or at
> least as fast? With the intention of running it XiP.

The memory controllers drive the speed of the memory bus cycles.

Maybe the confusion here is due to an assumption that all memory 
controllers and memory devices use SPD (or speed detection algorithims) 
to detect the memory device speeds. SPD is only used with memory 
modules, not with Flash or SRAM.

Memory devices have timing specifications that guarantee that the memory 
device will have stable valid data ready to be read from it or that the 
memory device can write data sent to it AFTER a certain period has 
elapsed, after the access cycle has been initiated by the memory 


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