[LinuxBIOS] Fun easy question. 512Kb or 256Kb

Richard Smith smithbone at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 15:19:28 CET 2006

> If you can change the ISA clock then it _will_ go faster.  The ISA
> clock probably comes from a source thats not variable or it may affect
> other things in the system.  You will have to look at the chipset
> docs.  I remember back in the good old AT "turbo" days that in turbo
> mode the ISA clock was sometimes increased.  The coming of the vesa
> local bus and then the PCI bus took care of that though.

I should probally note that some of these settings will probably be
set with pin "strappings" (stuff that is clocked into the chip when
reset goes from active to inactive)

Meaning that you have to change hardware to set them.  In some cases
you can play with the settings after-the-fact but your changes may be

Richard A. Smith

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