[LinuxBIOS] issue tracker and doxygen working again

Ronald G Minnich rminnich at lanl.gov
Sun Feb 5 06:50:07 CET 2006

ok, first, I took all the virus-laden isue tracker crap that the bad 
guys put in and resolved it as follows:

resolved: people who do this type of thing are worthless pudknockers.

I will try to start closing out issues again.

make documentation
works again. This is pretty nice, you get web pages, a latex document, 
and man pages. Missing is the pass over all the include files, I'll try 
to wrap that up too.

Note that for a given target, doxygen ONLY is run on the source files 
for that target. So the html, latex, and man pages are in a sense 
custome for that target. You can also browse the source, structs, etc.; 
this may help with comprehension (I sure hope so!)

To test this, on, e.g. via/epia
./buildtarget via/epia
cd via/epia/epia/fallback
make documentation
firefox html/index.html



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