[LinuxBIOS] VIA EPIA-ML6000EA VGA Problem and Kernel Panic

Daniel Parthey pada at chemonline.de
Thu Feb 2 19:02:09 CET 2006


Daniel Parthey wrote:
> I tried to get LinuxBIOS Rev 2163 running on an VIA EPIA-ML6000EA Board
> using the EPIA-M target. The kernel is on /dev/hda1 of an IDE harddisk.
Note that I'm using an EPIA ML, not an M board.

> it boots, network is working, but vga output fails
Maybe the EPIA-M HOWTO should tell that one needs to extract the VGA BIOS
from EPIA-M Bios Version 1.13 if one wants to use graphics on EPIA-ML.

> found VGA: vid=1106, did=3122
> rom base, size: fffc0000
> write_protect_vgabios
> bus/devfn = 0x100
> biosint: # 0x6, eax 0x5f53 ebx 0x101 ecx 0x19f88 edx 0xe093
> biosint: ebp 0x19090 esp 0x39d8 edi 0xfa90 esi 0x1a539
> biosint: ip 0xc763 cs 0xf000 flags 0x202
> biosint: Oops, exception 6
> biosint: Bailing out
> biosint: # 0x10, eax 0x4f14 ebx 0x18003 ecx 0x1 edx 0x0
> biosint: ebp 0x19fa8 esp 0xffa edi 0x0 esi 0xffff725e
> biosint: ip 0x8f7e cs 0x0 flags 0x46
> BIOSINT: Unsupport int #0x10
> Devices initialized

Christian Sühs told on the list, that one needs an older vga bios for that.
First I will try to extract VGA Bios from BIOS 1.02 and 1.01 for the EPIA-ML.
Then I will try the BIOS 1.16 for the EPIA-M.
Unfortunately, VIA has taken all other versions off the web :(

Can I boot the EPIA-M Bios on the EPIA-ML board, or does it fail?

> ACPI: bus type pci registered
> [...]
>  <0>Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!
Disabling ACPI and AGPGART in the kernel fixed the problem,
so this was certainly an ACPI issue. Thanks to Anton Borisov.

Boot speeds is also an issue here, it looks like we need a separate
target/mainboard for the EPIA-ML in order to speed up the boot
process for EPIA-ML. It also boots very slowly here, I will try
Christian Sühs' changes discussed on this list in December 2005 
and disable some features (like smbus?) in the EPIA-ML boot process.

Obviously, EPIA-M and EPIA-ML have different features, compare them:

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