[LinuxBIOS] AMD PIC BIOS Programming

ozcan at ug.bilkent.edu.tr ozcan at ug.bilkent.edu.tr
Thu Dec 7 15:55:32 CET 2006

Hello all,
I have one of those AMD PIC Computers (Personal Internet Communicator). It has a Geode processor (x86). it comes with WIndows CE preinstalled and refuses to boot antthing else.
I read on numerous places that there is some cryptographic handshaking going on between BIOS and the OS loader.

Therefore at the moment I cannot boot it with Linux. And unfortunately the BIOS chip is soldered onto the mainboard. So my only bet is programming the chip with LinuxBIOS under Windows CE. Is this possible? I want it so bad, as this machine is garbage with Windows CE running.

Thanks in advance.
Gökalp Özcan

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