[LinuxBIOS] Digital-Logic, Intel 855GME, 945GM, AMD LX800

Marc-André Beck marc-andre_beck at gmx.ch
Tue Dec 19 19:18:01 CET 2006

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Jon Dufresne wrote:
>> Intel 855GME. Development seems to be dropped due to the lack of support
>> by Intel. What is the state? And what needs to be done?
> I am the one working on 855GME. This is my first attempt at LinuxBIOS
> but I believe I am making good progress. I based my project off the
> 855pm already in svn. As of right now most of my work is very specific
> to my board. After I had the system working stable I was going to go
> back and fix the ram initialization to work with other setups.
> I can currently boot my machine and get to a bash prompt but I have
> several issue with my southbridge peripherals that I am working out.
> If you want I can share what I have so far, but realize that it will
> only work with your system if it is configured as mine is or you
> change the code.

How long do you think will it take in hours to get a stable release of
this chip? What parts do you need to fix to get the system stable?

What about specifications from Intel, will they help? Or are they
useless anyway due to NDAs?

What about the other two chipsets I mentioned: Intel 945GM and AMD LX800
Is the AMD LX800 booting properly?

I know, this question is not of great interest. Is it possible right now
to boot an old Operating System like Windows XP using ADLO and
effectively use it afterwards (except of the ACPI)?
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