[LinuxBIOS] #46: Clarify LinuxBIOS vs. OpenBIOS vs. Open Firmware vs. EFI vs. GNUFI etc.

ron minnich rminnich at gmail.com
Sun Dec 17 22:15:53 CET 2006

On 12/17/06, yhlu <yinghailu at gmail.com> wrote:
> FreeBIOS==LinuxBIOS

I don't think so, because:
1. When I got freebios, I really ripped the guts out and then added
what was then LinuxBIOS v0 to it.
2. FreeBIOS does not imply linux, and linuxbios should (but does not always)

It's confusing.

One thing we could do is say that freebios is what you get when you
take linux out of linuxbios. So we have this:

foundation: freebios

payload: linux ==> means you have linuxbios

and so on.


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