[LinuxBIOS] DK8-HTX: 8131 B-bus IRQ problem?

mcqmcqmcq at fastmail.fm mcqmcqmcq at fastmail.fm
Wed Dec 13 22:42:44 CET 2006

> It could be some bug in your 3w-9xxx driver.

Nope.  e1000 does the same thing in that slot; "nobody cared" immediately
on driver load.  Definately not unique to the 3w-9xxx driver.

> I noticed that 
> Irq 26 is used by card on slot 4 (8131 a)
> Irq 25 is used by card on slot 3 (8131 a)
> Irq 30 is used by card on slot 2 (8131 b)
> Slot 1: is HTX

Ahh.  Closer inspection of the mobo artwork reveals that there are two
sockets on the B-bus and one on the A labelled (in order: HTX, PCIX2,
PCI64_1, PCI64_2).  I thought there were two on the A and one on the B
(well, that's how _I_ would have built it...  ;-)).

So the problem isn't a B-bus problem it's a B-bus 2nd slot (slot 4)
problem.  I think your 'a' and 'b' in the quoted text above are backwards
from reality (or at least from the board artwork).

This means it's a non-issue for me practically; I can get away with
never plugging anything into slot 4, like ever.  But if it _is_ an LB
problem, it'd be nice to get it licked so the board can be declared
'working'.  :)

Might there be some mystery hardware that I just don't know about that's
initted by LB/etherboot+filo, still running, and sharing the IRQ with slot
4?  Does linux generate 'nobody cared' for IRQs with zero drivers attached
or does it silently drop them?

Thanks again,

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