[LinuxBIOS] Tyan Tiger 133 (S1834) port to v2

Brian Kemp brian.kemp at gmail.com
Wed Dec 13 22:16:47 CET 2006

Hello all!

I was doing a web search for the latest BIOS for some old motherboards
I have lying around when I came across your supported hardware list.

I happen to have two Tyan Tiger 133 (S1834) SMP Slot-1 motherboards.
I just pulled one from a machine today, complete with P3-500 and
terminator card (for the other slot) and I have no plans for it...so I
figured I'd try to assist with your efforts.

I'm not much of a low-level programmer, but if anyone would like me to
ship the motherboard (and enough mounting hardware to get it set up in
a blank case) to them, please let me know--I'd be happy to do so.

If not, perhaps I can get involved in some low-level stuff, although I
lack most of the specific hardware tools and expertise.

(I have a Tyan Tiger 100 (S1832) as well, but it's completely different...)


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