[LinuxBIOS] DK8-HTX Early Hang with HTX Card Intsalled

Mondrian Nuessle nuessle at uni-mannheim.de
Wed Dec 13 09:12:00 CET 2006

 > I have to cart it to the rack to actually try the IB, and since I'm
 > having to hot-swap from the Iwill bios every time I flash (any clue
 > why flashrom -w when booting under LB fails immediately with "ERASE
 > FAILED" and trashes the image in flash?)
Try to add the following io statements to your 
src/mainboard/iwill/dk8_htx/Config.lb at the point where the logical 
device 8 of the superio is intialized:

device pnp 2e.8 on  #  GPIO2
       io 0x07 = 0x08ff
       io 0x30 = 0x01ff
       io 0x2b = 0xd0ff
       io 0xf0 = 0xef16

I hope this does the flash trick :-)


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