[LinuxBIOS] More MCP55 hacking

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Tue Dec 12 20:16:37 CET 2006

* Ed Swierk <eswierk at arastra.com> [061212 19:50]:
> 1. 
> Should I try to fix the routing table or try to get ACPI working? 

Get a simple version of ACPI working. Its much more complete and still
cleaner than having to implement _both_ of mp and pirq to get things
right. pirq handling in linux is broken, too. 

Have a look at the acpi implementation of the epia-m. its simple and
clean. The one of some Opteron mainboards might be a better fit, since
they're more modular and already contain most of what you need.

The factory bios DSDT knows the interrupt routing.

> 3. I'm not sure whether HT unitid assignment is correct; the meanings
> and SB_HT_CHAIN_UNITID_OFFSET_ONLY are very unclear despite comments
> in the code.

Nobody except Yinghai really knows what their valid parameters are ;-)
If you copied the values from an existing board, its probably fine

> 4. The PCI device IDs assigned during HyperTransport device
> enumeration don't match up with those assigned by the factory BIOS,
> e.g. the southbridge HT interface (device 10de:0369) is assigned to
> device 1 on LinuxBIOS but device 8 on the factory BIOS. I'm not sure
> whether this is a big deal, but is there some way to get them assigned
> in the same way?

The variables of 3. have something to do with it. Also, parts of this is a
breadth-first vs depth-first algorithm issue. Its really no big deal

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