[LinuxBIOS] DK8-HTX Early Hang with HTX Card Intsalled

mcqmcqmcq at fastmail.fm mcqmcqmcq at fastmail.fm
Tue Dec 12 20:08:48 CET 2006

> Try acpi=off for kernel command line.
> Or disable acpi in linuxbios in you MB Options.lb

Disabled ACPI in Options.lb.  Now it boots and Linux sees
it in lspci:

40:01.0 InfiniBand: PathScale, Inc InfiniPath HT-400 (rev 02)

But the driver complains at module loadtime that IRQs aren't
set up:

sh-3.1# modprobe ib_ipath
PCI: No IRQ known for interrupt pin C of device 0000:40:01.0. Probably
buggy MP table.
ipath_core 0000:40:01.0: infinipath0: irq is 0, BIOS error?  Interrupts
won't work
mtrr: type mismatch for fd500000,100000 old: write-back new:
ipath_core 0000:40:01.0: mtrr_add()  WC for PIO bufs failed (-22)
ipath_core 0000:40:01.0: infinipath0: Write combining not enabled (err
22): performance may be poor

Looks like we'll have to fix the actual problem.  I'm happy to try
to do so remotely if you have the patience to walk thru it with me
in email or IM (aim: tricamfetish).


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