[LinuxBIOS] epia

Segher Boessenkool segher at kernel.crashing.org
Sun Dec 10 12:58:41 CET 2006

> Booting using a current version, I get the following when enumerating
> the PCI devices (reading resources)
> PCI: 00:11.1 20 *  [0x00000c00 - 0x00000c0f] io
> PCI: 00:11.1 10 *  [0x00000c10 - 0x00000c17] io
> PCI: 00:11.1 18 *  [0x00000c20 - 0x00000c27] io
> PCI: 00:11.1 14 *  [0x00000c30 - 0x00000c33] io
> PCI: 00:11.1 1c *  [0x00000c40 - 0x00000c43] io

That looks just fine.

> 00:11.1 IDE interface: VIA Technologies, Inc.
> VT82C586A/B/VT82C686/A/B/VT823x/A/C PIPC Bus Master IDE (rev 06)
> (prog-if 8a [Master SecP PriP])

It's in legacy mode, the first four BARs are disabled (it uses
legacy I/O 0x1f0 etc. instead, and the legacy IRQs too).

> One thing I am curious about is that according
> to the PCI spec (I only have version 2.1) the base address registers
> start at 10h, so why, in the above , does the IDE controller, and in
> fact most of the devices on the board use the higher base address
> registers ?

Look at <http://www.bswd.com/pciide.pdf>, it'll take away
your confusion hopefully.  A device can use any BAR it wants,
it is fine to skip 0x10.

> Another question I have is the fact that 20h contians d001h. The PCI
> spec does mention that a device  may have don't care bits in the base
> address. So can I assume that, that is the case here ?

The low few bits are read-only; bits 01 mean it's an I/O BAR.
The base address is 0xd000.

> What confuses me is that on an earlier version (head version 2401)  
> this
> worked. Comparing the two versions I can see there have been  
> changes to
> the PCI parts of the code, but nothing to dramatic, and as I have said
> no one else seems to be having problems.

Since the code assigned all five BARs, the controller is in
non-legacy mode; this means that LinuxBIOS set it up that way,
since legacy mode is the boot-up default.  Some controllers
use legacy IRQs even in non-legacy mode, maybe that's your
problem.  What exactly isn't working?


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