[LinuxBIOS] LinuxBios for Tyan Tiger MPX (S2466)

Russ Whitaker russ at ashlandhome.net
Sat Dec 9 17:41:51 CET 2006

On Sat, 9 Dec 2006, nate iverson wrote:

> Have you put LinuxBios on it? If you have, what version and how stable
> is it?

Not yet: don't have a working backup system in case something goes wrong.

However, quite some time ago I downloaded a factory bios update from 
Tyan's website and followed their directions. As I recall it was put the 
update on a floppy, boot the box with a ms windows bootdisk while holding
down a key, and then insert the floppy.


> On Fri, 2006-12-08 at 22:39 -0800, Russ Whitaker wrote:
>> On Fri, 8 Dec 2006, Corey Osgood wrote:
>>> ron minnich wrote:
>>>> On 12/8/06, nate iverson <niverson at 4dv.net> wrote:
>>>>> Where do I find out what needs to be done for the porting of linuxbios
>>>>> for the Tyan Tiger MPX (S2466) motherboard? The website just says it
>>>>> isn't support in version1.
>>>> what's on that board?
>>>> ron
>>> http://www.tyan.com/products/html/tigermpx_spec.html
>>> all of which seem to be supported in v1, but northbridge/southbridge
>>> aren't in v2.
>> The Tiger MPX comes in 2 flavors: 2M and 4M bios flash rom.
>>> From the user's manual:
>>    AMD 760MPX chipset
>>    AMD 762 System Controler
>>    AMD 768 Peripheral Bus Controler
>>    Winbond 83627 Super I/O ASIC
>>    Winbond W83782D hardware monitoring ASIC
>>    3COM 3C920C LAN controller (with 3C905 driver  set)

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