[LinuxBIOS] Linuxbios on epia motherboard

Kurt André Selbach kurtandre at gmail.com
Fri Dec 8 16:59:35 CET 2006


I've used linuxbios for about a month now, and now i even have it on
two devices.
But i've discovered some problems:

On the epia-ml i can't whatsoever figure how to get the vga bios
working, but this is not of importance to me, just a little annoying.
i've tried extracting with awardeco and inserting via dd,
i've also tried the old .BIN which a mail in the archive referred to.

On my epia-ml everything seems to work except the vgabios and
/dev/ttyS1 the internal rs232 port.

It(ttyS1) works flawlessly on stock bios, and kernel recognizes it on
bootup (checked via dmesg) exactly identically on both stock and
linuxbios, since my epia doesnt like usb hubs, and i've ran out of usb
ports i'd like to get the seconds rs232 port working within linuxbios,
and hints/tips are welcome.

Thanks in advance,
Have a nice weekend


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