[LinuxBIOS] serial output

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Fri Dec 8 13:33:59 CET 2006

* Tyler Pohl <tylerapohl at gmail.com> [061208 09:04]:
> Where is the code for serial output.  For example if i wanted to change
> "Jumping to LinuxBios" to Jumping around" where would i find that code?

Depends on whether your port uses cache-as-ram:
./src/cpu/amd/car/copy_and_run.c: print_debug("Jumping to LinuxBIOS.\r\n");
./src/cpu/x86/car/copy_and_run.c: print_debug("Jumping to LinuxBIOS.\r\n");
./src/arch/i386/init/crt0.S.lb:str_pre_main: .string "Jumping to LinuxBIOS.\r\n"

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