[LinuxBIOS] [linux-usb-devel] [RFC][PATCH 0/2] x86_64 Early usb debug port support.

Eric W. Biederman ebiederm at xmission.com
Fri Dec 8 10:07:53 CET 2006

"Yinghai Lu" <yinghai.lu at amd.com> writes:

> On 12/7/06, Eric W. Biederman <ebiederm at xmission.com> wrote:
>> Ugh.  I'd check the code.  But it looks like my tweak to the
>> early fixmap code.  But my hunch is that my tweak to __fixmap
>> so that it's pud and pmd were prepopulated didn't take on
>> your build.
> I missed some options?

Your or I missed a bug fix/enhancement in there somewhere.

Basically my very early setup of the fixmap failed.
Now.  I thought I had that covered by preallocated the pud and the pmd
entries.   So the only thing missing was the pte entries.

If that is not a big enough hint I will look into it in a bit...

I'm starting to become a big fan of constant initializers.  So our
core subsystems don't need initialization code to be useful.  All of
these early things are just a pain.


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