[LinuxBIOS] abandoning vt686a/amd75x, starting i815

Corey Osgood corey_osgood at verizon.net
Thu Dec 7 22:32:31 CET 2006

So far, with the FIC SD11, I've been able to get serial output ONLY
after a soft reboot from the original BIOS (in other words, my
initialization isn't working right). Also, SPD has been completely
uncooperative (can't read the ram at all), and I just don't have the
knowledge/tools to properly debug it. So, I'm leaving it for now and
going to work on the i815 northbridge, as it seems there is at least
_some_ demand for this, and the southbridge/superio are already very
nearly supported (i82801ba, lpc47m102). Has anyone looked at this in the
past and have any suggestions? Also, is there somewhere a generic
rundown of what exactly needs to be done by the northbridge, and what
functions are supplied by linuxbios already, or just doxygen?


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